2000 car skins



Run ArrowsCAR.exe and it will extract ArrowsCAR1.TGA and ArrowsCAR2.TGA into a F1 Manager Livery folder. Copy the files into your EA SPORTS/F1 Manager/Car/Textures folder.
Keep the files in the F1 Mgr Livery folder because every time you start a new game or the next race, the program will randomly post new sponsors to teams and it will re-generate the old livery (for some peculiar reason – I don’t know why!). You will have to re-copy the files each time you start a new game or the next race.

At your own risk, since .EXE files are in the .rar / .zip files. In addition, the .EXE file remains open under Windows10 in the task manager.


Author: Terence Yaw

file size: 4.95 mb

file type: rar

Version: 1.0

Mediafire Download


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