CTDP F1 2006

F1 2006 Season by CTDP

The last year of the champion.
His last chance for glory.
He didn’t succeed
Will you?

F1-season 2006 meets rFactor. Good things need time. We took this time to bring you the most complete season-package ever released. Again it’s time to put on your racing gloves, lucky sneakers and to get out there racing. But it’s not only about the driving skills you will need to succeed. Now, you will also need strategic and technical skills to win the race. Use clever updates for your car to improve your performance and finetune your setups. Be prepared for your race.

Use your chances, fight for the championship, it may be your last chance!

2006 physics and performance (upgrades influence handling)
Technical season upgrades for every team and every grand prix
Both Midland and Spyker included
2006 high detail models and high resolution textures
All special liveries throughout the season autoloaded on each GP
2006 helmets and drivers (individual talent files for AI)
2006 steering wheels, all redone and new
2006 tires and rims with motion blur
Open and covered brakes (with glow)
Up to 6 tire compounds per track
Two variations of each compound with different working temperatures
2 tire brands
Non-linear tiregrip and tire damages through debris
9 engine programs, that influence maximum revs
Realistic engine and brake wear rates for each team
Realistic suspension model simulation (Single-keel, Twin-keel, No-keel, V-Keel)
Setups included
Fully-drivable Safety Car with cockpit
Menu-Sounds and music by Lars J. Brouwer
Full DX7, DX8 and DX9- Support
Supports rFactor skinning feature (now with helmets and driver suit)
6 different Gen-Files for best hardware optimization
Support for RealFeel & LeoFFB
TV-Style overlays for Dinix’ Plugin
rfDynHUD plugin for custom overlays (including TV-overlay and track map)
Mod-Deriver for custom league editions (League pack upgrade has been removed)
ControlCenter to control many options for the mod

Title: CTDP F1 2006 for rFactor
Version: 1.2.1
Author: CTDP – Cars & Tracks Development Project
Base: Everything done from scratch
Build Time: Starting May 2006,
Release for rFactor December 2008
Known Bugs:

“All Cars and all Tracks” is not supported
No 3-part-Qualifying
The same bugs as the original game.
Restart needed to activate CTDP Menu after mod switch
Unprecize collision model – ISI has to fix that
Auto-shift driver aid does not function correctly when using in-car rev limit adjustments (engine boost levels), we have included the upgrade “HUD Shift Light/Auto Shift” to allow manually specified shift points.

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