F1 2007 Season by GGSF1

* Cars:
o McLaren Mercedes: GGSF1 (RenderShadows by Raül0ng0)
o Renault: Shape by Rom1, modifications by Alles, further modifications and painting by GGSF1 (painting based on Rom1 texture)
o Ferrari: Koen Calleyl
o Honda: Mariano & Curro (GP4-Argentina Mod Team)
o BMW Sauber: Koen Calleyl
o Toyota: GGSF1
o Red Bull Racing: MDBSnake & GeZeRe
o Williams Toyota: Mitsuro Sano & Paolo Capriosa
o Scuderia Toro Rosso: MDBSnake & GeZeRe
o Spyker Ferrari: Mariano & Curro (GP4-Argentina Mod Team)
o Super Aguri Honda: GGSF1
* LODs: B & C LODs by CoDeX, D LODs by GGSF1, rim LODs from default F1C
* Tires: GGSF1
* Rims: stoner
* Steering Wheels: GGSF1
* Extra textures (EMAPs, T-Cams, LODs…): GGSF1
* Helmets:
o Textures: McLaren, Renault and helmet templates: GGSF1 All other helmets: Raül0ng0
o Shapes: GGSF1, modified from default F1C shapes
* Driver Suits: Armos (except BMW, Aguri and Toyota by GGSF1)
* PitCrew Suits and Pit Textures: From F1C 2002 Season
* Engine Sounds: From F1C 2002 Season
* Team and Driver Names Sounds: GGSF1
* Icons and Menu Backgrounds: F1Fr33k
* Engine Physics: a12
* Car Physics: From F1C 2002 Ferrari
* Driver Talent files (RCD): danil89
* Track GDB files: norbif1
* Ingame Process: GGSF1
* Beta testers: Alonso (saab) & Armos
* Installer: Matthias Marquardt (EMAC)

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