F1 Challenge ’99-’02 Multiplayer Returns with fix by Pietrekk

Hey Guys!

F1 Challenge 99-02 Online returns!

With the new multiplayer fix you can now race online with others on F1 challenge

Here is the link to the original game included with the new online .exe file that allows you to play online just like how it was before.


Here is the link to just the new .exe file that allows you to play online.


I will open servers with the original game daily so feel free to join for some fun quick races or open your own servers and please share with others too

Special thanks to Pietrekk – Creator of the online .exe fix
and Bande87 – for sharing the support with others

Video By Mephisto/Anarchy Gaming

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As well as our Discord group!



Author: GoldTime (Pietrekk), Poochihead

file size: 370 mb

file type: rar

Version: 1.0

MEGA Download


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