Formula E 17-18

WCP-Series is proud to release a first beta of its popular Formula E mod !

haunetal1990 has optimized its 3D model : new front wing, new tires, new cockpit, small details added… And our Formula E car looks fresh and ready to race !

Physics are an important aspect of a Formula E mod. Alain Fry has optimized physics to match AMS new standards and try to recreate the feeling of driving an electric car : big acceleration, slides, tricky braking… The Spark SRT01-e will give you some fun… But you will have to learn how to drive this particular car !

This mod is a free mod and we are in the beta stage. We are expecting feedbacks to develop the mod. I advice you to download our Beijing street circuits, it fits the mod perfectly !

We already know that sounds are not best at the moment but Akos Fodi is working on new electric sounds ! We are also missing a car painter : Eduardo Mennocchi is working on Renault e.dams champion skin, but it’s not easy to do a full skinpack ! If you have some painting talent, we would be glad to welcome you !

Special thanks to JAHelmet for it’s fantastic helmets in the beta and Lightcruiser for the early season Jaguar skin.


Author: WCP, haunetal1990

file size: mb

file type:

Version: 1.0

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