RH 2005 Basic

This package adds the F1 Season 2005 to the game F1 Challenge ’99-’02

  • all cars (liveries and shapes) of the Formula 1 season 2005
  • all driver helmets (liveries and shapes) of season 2005
  • the pitcrews of season 2005
  • the driversuits of season 2005
  • authentic steering wheels for all teams and drivers
  • menu backgrounds for season 2005
  • pit garages
  • diver names, stats and sound files of season 2005
  • team individual engine sounds
  • season 2005 pit order
  • season 2005 track order
  • new car and general physics: NOTE: You probably will need your setups revised and changed!
  • new AI lines and AI behaviour
  • adjusted driver performance data reflecting an average of season 2005
  • new 2D and 3D-rims with corrected diameter for each team (plus brake disk, brake callipers for each team)
  • tire shape update (based on the 2003 tire pack)
  • 3 lap qualifying rule for saturday only (please read 2005 rules section of the readme)
  • season 2005 point system
  • downshift backfire
  • F1RST client installer for immediate online fun.
  • A 2005RH Control Panel that allows you to make multiple adjustments to your 2005RH installation [e.g. adding more detailed tires, adjusting the cockpit view, adjusting the RH05 car details to your PC’s performance and much more!]

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