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Constrictor Modding Team’s 2018 modification for F1 Challenge ’99-’02 will be published in a few days. We want to give to any F1C 2018 mod maker some tips about the usage of the mentioned package of contents for modding. This particular post it is aimed to users who mess around with F1C stuff using content developed by other people without their prior permission and/or giving credits to them (whatever the reason it is). Constrictor Modding Team is not against them, but with them.

We are conscious of how comfortable is to develop content on your own using as a basis the material of others without crediting them, due to the fact that there are so many different authors that makes pretty crazy the task of giving merit to all of them. Writing your name or abbrevation on the stuff you have been modifying during weeks or months is also quite appetizing. We want to ease to you all the ethic procedures to release a mod based on other work. We want to develop good relationship with any of you as long as you are responsible. We want to give you and ourselves a chance to improve as a community, and as modders. CMT welcomes any of you who just wants to create the content you want to see ─specially particular modifications of 2018 CMT─, without being dishonest about its basis, creation and conception.

With that said, if you want to use CMT 2018 and publish your own work, please go to read the following guidelines:

─It is not allowed to use this package of contents as source (modified or not) in your own work without explicit permission. This includes the use of any of these files (specially AIWs, physics, MAS, MTS, GDB, RCD, etc.) in any carset without permission. Do not pretend you have created the stuff you have taken from here. Please, ask for permission to Constrictor Modding Team or any of its members; it will not kill you. You are playing the F1C mod you want not because of users who publish content taken from others without permission, but because of genuine modders who dedicated a big amount of time and passion to create the vehicle or track they wanted to see, and decided one day to share it with everyone.

─Maybe new updates will be released in 14 days or less (mostly new helmet textures) since the release day of this mod.

─Again: if you want to use any material of this mod in order to create your own F1 2018 mod, ASK FOR PERMISSION. Especially if you want to take car models, physics, tracks or AIWs.

─As a player, feel free to use this mod for any F1 Challenge ’99-’02 league.

─Commercial use of this product is not allowed. This includes racing leagues that demands an amount of money from the participants of the league or a place where certain hardware is installed.

Constrictor Modding Team will be open to any critics about this topic. If in our future works there is someone who is not credited and proves ownership, please, let us know. Because thanks to you, we improve. And if in those circunstances you don’t want your own work in CMT, your wishes will be inmediate orders.

Thanks for your reading and support. Have a nice day, and see you next time.

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